Septihol Sterile Alcohol Solution

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    STERIS' Septihol® Sterile Alcohol Solution is a ready-to-use, 70% USP grade, sterile isopropyl alcohol solution that has been filtered to 0.22 micron. It is available in an ergonomically designed bottle with the adjustable trigger sprayer attached and gallon, bulk bottles. Each lot is documented with a Certificates of Analysis with filtration results. This product is ideal for the removal of process residues and for routine glove decontamination.


    STERIS' Septihol Sterile Alcohol Solution removes residue from hard surfaces. It can be used straight out of the container and be applied poured or sprayed. Since it contains no stabilizers or denaturants, it evaporates quickly and completely.



    • Productivity - Ready to use sterile alcohol eliminates in-house production validation and documentation concerns. 
    • Efficacy - Allows removal of process residues. 
    • Safety - Double bagged and gamma irradiated for ease of introduction into aseptic areas. 
    • Ease of Use - White trigger spray different color than non-sterile version to help identify the correct product for the correct area. 
    • Reliability - Each lot is tested to ensure sterility and low endotoxins. 
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