Septihol Ethyl WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution

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    Septihol® Ethyl WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution
    Low residue ethanol based solution; sterile double bagged

      • Quality – Extremely low level of endotoxins from WFI produced by a Finn-Aqua® Multiple Effect Water Still
      • Productivity - Ready to use sterile alcohol eliminates in-house production validation and documentation concerns.
      • Convenience - Gamma irradiated and double bagged for easy introduction into your aseptic areas
      • Safety - 0.2 micron filtered, controlled environment filled and packaged minimizes potential for particles being introduces during use.
      • Assurance –Each lot documented by a Certificate of Analysis including irradiation and sterility results.

    How it Works

    STERIS' Septihol Ethyl WFI Sterile Alcohol Solution removes residue from hard surfaces even from the most critical surfaces. Since it contains no stabilizers or non-volatile denaturants, it evaporates quickly and completely.

    Septihol Ethyl WFI Sterile Alcohol Solutions are a mixture of ethanol, isopropanol, methanol and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Water For Injection (WFI). It is designed to remove organic and inorganic residue from product and non-product contact surfaces.” Sterile filtered and filled in a controlled environment, each package is double bagged for easy entry into your controlled environments and aseptic core areas. These products have an extensive documentation package to meet your validation objectives and are supported by the STERIS Technical Services team for individualized application and validation assistance.



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