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Flat Mop with a Well-Rounded Appeal  

Designed for easy cover changes, this large flat mop is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as ceilings, floors and walls. The padded head allows for a consistent contact with different surfaces. The covers easily fit over the head permitting a quick change. Available in standard and autoclave safe models.

Texwipe® AlphaMop™ features a large 15" x 8" (38 cm x 20 cm) thermoplastic mop head, 60" (1.5 m) fiberglass handle, pad and fastening pins.


Features & Benefits

  •       Quick-change system allows the user to replace covers / pads frequently
  •       The polyester pad assures the mop cover to conform to surfaces for consistent cleaning
  •       Texwipe’s 100% polyester covers provide the cleanest substrates available for cleaning walls, floors and ceilings
  •       Low profile, swivel head with lightweight handles enables easier cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings and hard-to-     reach areas 
  •       Complete collection of buckets, wringers, replacement parts, mop covers and more.

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